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​​Non Surgical Rhinoplasty: Going For Treatments In Turkey


Non Surgical rhinoplasty, also called a "liquid nose jop​" is a cosmetic treatment preferred by people who wish to reshape and improve the nose's appearance without surgery. In this blog, you can understand the advantages and limitations of this procedure, how the non surgical nose lift surgery works, and what to expect during the recovery process. Whether you're looking to correct a slight imperfection​ or improve the overall look of your nose, non-surgical rhinoplasty may be a good option. Keep reading to learn more.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty in Turkey: What Is It?

A non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure is often called a liquid or non-surgical nose job. Dermal fillers are used during non-surgical rhinoplasty to change the shape of your nose. A non-surgical nose job is different in comparison to surgical rhinoplast​y. For instance, non-surgical rhinoplasty only has a six-month benefit window, and it is impossible to make your nose smaller. However, dermal fillers can modify some characteristics and momentarily eliminate lumps. The main benefit of non-surgical rhinoplasty is that many people can achieve their goals without plastic surgery. There are further benefits as well. For instance:

  • Less than an hour is spent on the procedure
  • No recovery time needed
  • Results appear right away
  • Changes are temporary
  • There are minimal scars or incisions

You can go for non-surgical rhinoplasty if you want to:

  • Increase the volume of your nose
  • Accentuate your nose's tip
  • Eliminate lumps or bump
  • Cover up a lump on your nose's bridge
  • Make a little crooked nose straight

Non Surgical nose jobs are a great method to make small adjustments to your nose or see how different changes might look.

Common Concerns Regarding Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical methods can increase the volume of your nose, but they cannot reduce it. Many worry that dermal fillers would accentuate how large their noses are. However, when performed correctly, non-surgical rhinoplasty can make your nose look more symmetrical and in proportion to the rest of your facial features. Non-surgical rhinoplasty cannot reduce the size or narrowness of your nose. However, it can frequently smooth off abnormalities and make your nose appear more symmetrical.

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How is Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Performed?

You will meet with your healthcare professional to go over your cosmetic objectives. They will inquire about what you wish to alter or enhance about your nose. They might also take pictures of your nose to aid in the planning of your course of therapy. Non Surgical rhinoplasty is not apt for everyone as it requires a healthcare practitioner who can consult to identify a course of therapy appropriate for you.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the use of dermal fillers to reshape the nose. Dermal fillers, usually made of hyaluronic acid, have a gel-like consistency that can add volume to the skin when injected underneath it. In the hands of a qualified and experienced healthcare provider, non-surgical rhinoplasty can produce impressive results that can last for as long as six months.

Before performing non-surgical rhinoplasty, a healthcare professional may apply a topical anesthetic to numb the skin. Then, specific areas of the nose are targeted for injection with the dermal filler in order to achieve the desired results. There may be situations where your healthcare professional opts to replace dermal filler injections with botulinum toxin injections. Throughout the procedure, you may experience slight pressure or pinching, and typically, the entire surgery will be completed in 40 minutes or less.

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Nose Job Before and After: Possible Side-Effects Of The Surgery

Most patients report minor side effects, including redness and sensitivity in the treated area after non-surgical rhinoplasty. Usually, these symptoms will usually disappear within two days.

Other negative effects could be:

  • Swelling
  • Bruises or scars
  • Nausea
  • Migration of filler material migrates to other regions.

A non-surgical nose job, if performed by a qualified practitioner, such as a plastic surgeon, will minimize the chances of risks and failure.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Istanbul: Recovery and Results

There is no recuperation period needed following non-surgical rhinoplasty. You should be able to return to your routine right away. Your healthcare provider will make specific management suggestions for any side effects. Wondering how long do non-surgical nose jobs last? Numerous non-surgical nose jobs last for six months. Depending on the variant of dermal filler used, the benefits might remain longer.

Depending on the goals you have for appearance. If you're looking for a slight increase in your appearance and you don't need your nose to function better, a non-surgical nose job can be your best option. However, traditional rhinoplasty may be a preferable option if you wish to significantly alter the structure of your nose or reduce its size.

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Why Choose Turkey for Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)?

Although most countries provide medical facilities to visitors, the costs and international standards offered can vary. Turkey attracts many foreign nationals in medical tourism, especially for non-surgical rhinoplasty surgery. The nation is known for its history of medical practices and experts in the medical profession that has always adopted relevant changes when needed. Turkish surgeons are known for their expertise, utilizing recent tools and methods to guarantee the best outcomes. Additionally, the non-surgical nose job cost is much more affordable than any surgery elsewhere when travelers consider their travel costs.

Turkey is a perfect destination for your budget options while considering medical tourism. The standard of consultation and care for surgeries are best for tourists to consider their stay, accommodation, and recovery options during their trip to Turkey. Turkish medical administration offers top-notch services and hospitality as they are accredited for their treatment costs and infrastructure.

Due to the reasonable non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment prices in Turkey 2023 and the absence of VAT for foreign patients obtaining the medical treatments, it attracts many tourists from abroad. Most private centers employ competent specialists and experienced surgeons to maintain care and quality for critical procedures.

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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Turkey: Medical Park Hospitals

Some of your first preferences might include that you'll always want experienced medical professionals to handle your nose surgery operation to reduce risks and be offered reasonable non-surgical rhinoplasty prices in Turkey 2023. As the most extensive healthcare organization, Medical Park Hospitals should be your first choice for proceeding with complex surgeries in Turkey without inhibitions. Our previous successes make us a safe choice for both native and international tourists to get access to over 27 facilities and more than 2500 doctors on staff. With no compromise in adopting the most recent technological advancements in terms of services and equipment, we have been making steady progress in the medical industry by serving patients for more than 25 years.

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