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Hastane Hakkında
​Çanakkale Hospital was opened on February 22, 2006. It adopted principle of meeting health needs of the region and delivering quality healthcare service to the residents of region. Çanakkale Hospital with experienced healthcare professionals is a preferred hospital in the region and the quality of service is never compromised. Large staff of physicians works to meet healthcare needs of the region at maximal level with two operating theaters, 75 beds, state-of-the-art devices and pioneering practices. The only private hospital of the city renders services by 186 employees in total.

There are 32 patient rooms in the hospital. When patients are hospitalized in wards, they are educated on medications, medical devices, nutrition, follow-up visits and hand hygiene, along with smoking cessation advices for smokers; all these educations are recorded. Moreover, family members of patients are educated on breakfast and other meal hours, visit hours and rules, use of phone available in room, restroom and bathroom rules and use of nurse call system in order to facilitate adaptation to the clinic and such educations are also recorded.

Emergency Service 24/7

Emergency Medicine Department of hospital admits patients round the clock and the department can be accessed both inside and outside the hospital. Emergency examination and treatment as well as ambulance services are available in Emergency Medicine Department. Emergency medicine physician, healthcare professionals and other support staff work in emergency room. Department consists of examination and resuscitation, intervention and observation divisions. All other departments of hospital are organized to support the emergency medicine department, if required.

Fully Equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

There are 6 incubators in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. Moreover, transport incubator equipped by ventilator is available for patients who need the device. In Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, advanced care is provided to newborns with high risks such as premature birth, multiple pregnancies, maternal diabetes, macrosomia, meconium aspiration syndrome and babies with health problems secondary difficult delivery, starting at gestational age of 35 weeks. Our petit patients are closely monitored by experienced nurses throughout the day and their treatments are planned and performed by physicians who are specialized in pediatrics.

In delivery room of Çanakkale Hospital, our guests who present for spontaneous delivery are followed up by specialized teams regarding labor pain and delivery. If Caesarean Section is required, necessary support is obtained from the operating theater. Mother and newborn infant stay in same room in order to encourage breastfeeding. Mothers are educated before and after birth by nurses who are well trained on importance and benefits of breastfeeding and correct breastfeeding techniques. Experienced anesthesiologists of hospital administer epidural anesthesia for both spontaneous vaginal delivery and Caesarean section.

Canakkale Hospital Contact Details

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