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In vitro fertilization is a safe method
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Stating that in vitro fertilization and microinjection methods are scientific practices for fertilization, Işık adds that millions of babies continue living healthy lives.

Prof. Ahmet Zeki Işık, M.D., a physician in Medical Park İzmir Hospital and President of Society of Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, responded the popular debate in media agenda of Turkey regarding microinjection method.

Responding the claims that there is no detail available about potential future problems in children of pregnancies achieved with micro-injection method, Prof. Ahmet Zeki Işık, M.D. says that in vitro fertilization is a safe and scientific practice, millions of babies are born with this method and live a healthy life.

Scientific practice

Underlining that there is no worrisome or alarming condition in the in vitro fertilization method, Işık says “Some news are published in both newspapers and social media. 'How safe are in vitro fertilization methods? Does microinjection cause problems in babies (?) are some of the statements by authorities. I want to give you a clear message on this issue. As you know, in vitro fertilization is a technology crowned with Nobel Prize and this technology has led to birth of millions of babies since 1978. To date, no clinical study could demonstrate a significant increase in risk of a certain problem in these babies relative to babies of normal pregnancy. Therefore, there is no such worrisome or alarming condition for in vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization is a proven, safe and purely scientific practice.".

There is no negativeThe microinjection method that is mentioned here brought the first results in 1992 and started to be used in our country within a short time. Microinjection has become a true solution for severe male-factor patients or patients for whom fertilization cannot be achieved with IVF. It has started to be used for other IVF indications in time as it is practical and ensures fertilization better and microinjection is still frequently used in our country."

Millions of babies

Underlying that there is no remarkable difference between the babies of microinjenction pregnancies and IVF pregnancies, Işık says “There is some increase in genital region problems and chromosome aberrations only in male babies, but, this is not related to the technique. Because these babies would already not be born with classical IVF method. They have some problems inherited by their fathers, but this is not related to the technique. Thus, microinjection has an extremely unique role among our practices as a technique that has enabled birth of millions of babies. No functional problem is noted to date in health conditions, follow-ups, mental states and school successes of the babies."

Don't be late!

Stating that the only problem in IVF method is the late applications of people, Prof. Ahmet Zeki Işık, M.D., adds “We have many babies who are currently attending university. To date, we have not faced increased risk for a certain problem comparing to babies of normal pregnancies. Therefore, I want to tell our people this. IVF is a technology which is closely followed in Turkey. It is a scientific procedure which is followed by both governmental authorities and private associations around the globe. You should not worry about anything regarding this issue. The most troublesome problem regarding IVF is your late application for therapy.  Therefore, seek necessary information whenever you face difficulty in conception. Moreover, you can have further information and see appropriate facilities in website of Society of Reproductive Medicine and Infertility which is the greatest society on this subject" and he highlights the importance of early treatment.​