Pediatric Surgery

It is a branch of science that performs diagnosis and treatment of congenital and / or acquired surgical diseases related to respiratory, digestion and excretion systems of childhood from newborn period to adulthood (0-17 years of age).

Children are not minimized versions of adults. Childhood has specific physiology and diseases. Diseases of childhood show various properties according to the periods. Diagnosis and treatment of these diseases must be done by considering the development, physiology and psychology of the child. Diseases that require surgical management must be evaluated by Pediatric Surgeons who define and apply diagnostic and treatment methods of related issues.

Patients carry consequences of a surgical intervention done at childhood for a life-time. Thus all these interventions must be performed by Pediatric Surgeons who are educated in a hard and difficult intercourse, learned most disciplined and modern treatment techniques and who are able to apply most ideal treatment in a very short time by taking initiative.

Informative Titles

1. Surgical Diseases of Newborn

-Congenital complete absence of oesophagus, developmental errors and relation with the windpipe
-Congenital absence of stomach, duodenum, small intestine and large intestine or obstruction
-Placement of intestines due to the absence of diaphragm and insufficient development of lungs (Congenital Diaphragm Hernia)
-Congenital anus absence or narrowing (Anorectic malformations)
-Prematurity and surgical treatment of related diseases
-Placement of the intestines outside of the abdomen due to the absence of abdomen wall (Omphalocele and Gastroschisis)

2. Surgical Diseases of Digestive System
-Narrowing of oesophagus, diseases caused by inflammable and caustic substance drink age (Corrosive Oesophagitis)
-Stomach narrowing, obstruction and ulcer disease
-Gastrooesophagial reflux disease (GER) and complications
-Blockage of small intestines, polyp disease, inflammatory intestinal diseases
-Megacolon (enlarged large intestines) due to the developmental disorders of intestinal nerves (Hirschprung Disease)
-Constipation, fissure and fistula formation at anus
-Haemorrhoids and its surgery in puberty
-Inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia
-Liver cysts, abscess and tumors
-Congenital absence of bile canals, cystic enlargement and stone disease
-Pancreas cysts and tumors
-Spleen diseases and removing of spleen in blood diseases

3. Surgical Diseases of Respiratory System
-Congenital lung diseases, cysts
-Treatment of abscess and emphysema due to lung infections
-Congenital diseases of windpipe
-Foreign body at windpipe and bronchoscope interventions
-Pneumotorax, hematoma
-Deformities of chest wall (shoemaker chest, dove chest)

4. Trauma of Children
-Traffic accidents
-Falling, pounding and such general body traumas
-Battered child syndrome
-Cutting, penetrating abdomen, chest traumas

5. Cancer Diseases of Childhood and Surgical Treatments
-Kidney tumors
-Tumors originated from nerve elements
-Soft tissue tumors
-Lymph gland tumors
-Liver tumors
-Surgical treatment of tumors expanded to lungs
-Ovarian, testicular tumors
-Tumors of other organs

6. Surgical Treatment of Hormonal Diseases
-Thyroids gland (goitre) diseases
-Pancreas diseases
-Adrenal gland diseases

7. Head and Neck Surgery in Children
-Neck tumors
-Congenital neck cysts and sinuses

8. Burn
-All kind of treatments of burns pot patient and inpatient

Diagnosis and Treatment Methods in Pediatric Surgery and Peidatric Urology
-Laparoscopic interventions
-Endoscopic interventions
-Oesophagoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy
-Colonoscopy, rectoscopy, anoscopy
-Cystoscopy, ureteroscopy
-Urodynamic evaluations, Cystometrics, Uroflowmetrics, Motility studies, Oesophagus manometry, Anal manometrics, pHmetrics (GER diagnosis)

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