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Sensation of pain even considered beneficial because it is a messenger for the diseases, is a feeling that we would like to be saved, affecting our daily life in a negative way even sometimes making it an agony.

Pain affects suffering people in a bodily, emotional and psychologic manner and causes emotional and social problems for their relatives.
Pain is not a plain sensation. In contrary it is a state of complex sensing including afore experiences. Besides sensorial prompts such as location, type, magnitude of the sensation it includes very deep sensual (emotional) and cognitive features.

It is an unpleasant sensation that makes the suffering person feel uncomfortable and uneasy.
Pain fibers in nerves and pain pathways in brain do not exist. Thus experience of pain sensing is final state of a complex mechanism. Sensing of a stimulus as pain is not only depends on the character of the stimulus. Past experiences, savings at memory and current emotional state effects sensation.
Well analyzing of this complex structure and providing the right management for the pain therapy are crucial for the success of treatment. Necessary treatment services are provided at Medical Park Hospitals Group under this discipline including medical or invasive methods at below mentioned titles.

  • Acute Pains
  • Chronic Persistent Pains
  • Inflammatory Pains
  • Neuropathic Pains
  • Spontaneous Pains
  • Allodynia
  • Hyperalgia
  • Cancer Pains
  • Muscle-Bone Pains (Musculoskeletal Pains)
  • Peripheral and Central Pains
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndromes
  • Migraine and Other Types of Headaches
  • Persistent Pains after Surgery (Persistent Postoperative Pains)
  • Low Back Pain

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