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At Medical Park Hospitals Group, all surgical interventions about brain, spine and nervous system are performed with international standards and with the diagnostic and surgical methods of the modern medicine.

It serves 7 days 24 hours with the operation room equipment and intensive care service that the patient care and follow up done in precision

At our Spine and Nerve Surgery Departments which work in a multidisciplinary structure together with the Neurology Department physicians, emergency clinics and policlinics services are provided besides inpatient service. Brain surgery services provided at our all hospitals include childhood brain surgery operations, brain tumors, aneurism surgery, emergency back-neck and spine trauma surgery, nerve surgery, emergency head trauma surgery and treatment of back and neck hernias.

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What is Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson's disease is a chronic neurological disease which is secondary to decreased level of a substance, namely dopamine, in brain. Resulting from decrease or injury of dopamine-releasing cells of brain secondary to aging, the disease leads to movement disorders and involuntary movements. The disease is usually manifested by tremor in hands and feet, slowness of movement, rigidity and gait instability.

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Questions and Answers about Neurostimulation

Neurosurgeon Ali Zırh, M.D., from Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital, answered questions about neurostimulation which achieves complete remission in Parkinson's disease, also known as disorder of elderly subjects and colloquially referred as "shaky stroke":

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