Diagnosis and treatment services for hypertension, kidney diseases, hemodialysis and kidney transplantation are provided at Nephrology Department in Group of Hospitals in accordance with modern medicine.

Antalya Hospital Complex has the largest Organ Transplantation Nephrology Department in the world in addition to prolonged slow dialysis systems available in a limited number of centers in our country. Nephrology Department of Antalya Hospital Complex is one of the most significant scientific reference centers in Europe and in the world.

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What Is Kidney Stone ?

Kidney stones are solid concretions formed in the kidneys. They are solid calculi made by crystal in size from 1 to 7 cm. Their surface may be smooth or rough.

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Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

Kidney is an organ located at back region of abdomen which weighs 100-150 grams. 9-It is 12 cm of length, 4–5 cm of width and 3–5 cm of thickness. There are two kidneys at left and right in normal people.

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