The Division of Hematology/Oncology offers hematological and oncological services, with special expertise in hematological malignancies, bone marrow transplantation solid tumors, red blood cell disorders and immunological diseases. In multidisciplinary conferences for specific forms of cancer, members of the Division join physicians from surgery, radiology, pathology, and other disciplines to review patient problems and potential treatment modalities. Laboratory services include a highly sophisticated blood bank, servicing complex marrow and organ transplant programs.

Staff physicians participate in multidiscliplinary clinics that provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment evaluations for benign and malignant disorders in: Stem Cell Transplant Unit, Biotherapy Unit, The Breast Health Center, The G.I and Colorectal Cancer Center, The Lung and Tumor Evaluation Center, The head and Neck Tumor Center

Hematopoietic stem cell and marrow transplantation are important programs within the Division. The transplant unit is certified by Ministry of Health and EBMT for conduct of autologous, allogeneic, matched-unrelated and reduced intensity transplants. Transplant unit is also certified as Unrelated Donor Harvests by EBMT. The Unit is supported by the Extracorporeal Photopheresis unit that is supervised and maintained by the Division.

The Hematological Malignancy and Bone Marrow and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Programs include clinical research in high dose chemotheraphy and long-term outcome for bone marrow transplants. The Bone Marrow Transplantation Program is a comprehensive service that performs both autologous and allogeneic transplants, peripheral progenitor, matched unrelated and reduced intensity transplants. It has pioneered utilization of extracorporeal photopheresis in acute graft versus host disease following allogeneic stem cell transplantation. The Bone Marrow Transplantation Multidisciplinary Team is comprised of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, social workers and administrators specializing in all aspects of stem cell transplantation for adult patients. The Bone Marrow Transplantation Program is heavily supported by specialty programs based in the Divisions of Intensive Care Unit, Pulmonary Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Renal Medicine and other specialty services of the Medical Center.

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It provides to get over doze than standards to increase the chance of treatment and extend a period of deterioration such as at the types of Organ Transplantation, Lymphoma and Leukemia. It means there is deterioration on the place where there is no indicator of Ca. The Cemotherapy, which is sometimes applied overdoses with radiotherapy is almost given more than one or two days. The overdose treatment damages to bone medulla and root cell.

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Thalassemia is called by our population as Familial Mediterranean Anemia. As the name implies, it is a hereditary disease. It is inherited from parents. It is common at Mediterranean geography and it is associated with anemia.

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