General Surgery

At all hospitals of Medical Park Hospitals Group, General Surgery Departments are in service with their specialist physicians staff in charge for 7 days 24 hours supported by latest technologic diagnostic facilities, specially equipped operation rooms and policlinics applications.

General surgery is a technical discipline which covers general principals (such as wound healing, metabolic and endocrine response to wounding) in addition to treatment of systemic and local problems with surgical methods and which effected developments of various branches of surgery and medicine.

Surgery word is originated from the Latin word "chirurgiae" and means doing "handicraft". Surgery is one of the oldest branches of medicine and base on the principal of operational fixing diseases, injuries, deformations that cannot be treated with medications or returning the diseased organ to its appropriate form by cutting and taking out.

Types of operations are usually called by the organ or related system. Goitre (thyroid gland), breast, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus, hernias, liver, gall bladder, gall tracts, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical interventions are in coverage of General Surgery. When classified according to systems; goitre operations, breast operations, oesophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus region operations are in scope of General Surgery. General Surgery is also aims prevention from operation by protective medicine in some cases.

General Surgery Department works together with many disciplines in coordination due to its wide coverage of interest. Majority of General Surgery patients are cancer cases of various types. For diagnosis, operation and planning consequent treatment phases of these patients, we work in collaboration with Gastroenterology, Radiology / Invasive Radiology, Pathology, Medical and Radiation Oncology.

In our General Surgery Departments of our hospitals, we approach the treatment by acknowledging a perspective that every patient is unique and by using advanced diagnosis-treatment methods. Medical and surgical treatment options offered by our Departments is performed by surgical teams who have a high level knowledge on advanced technological device and professional experience

In our General Surgery Departments the surgeries of goiter, breast, stomach, small intestine, liver, gall bladder and ways, pancreas, spleen, lower intestine, hemorrhoid, fissure, pilonidal sinus, hernia, varicosis and trauma

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