Medical Park Hospitals Group provides many check-up packages exclusively designed for your age, gender and up to your needs and medical necessities.

Why you should do Check-up?

The objective of modern medicine is ensuring the healthy status of individuals by taking necessary precautions before the onset of disease. Because after the onset of disease both it brings costly treatments and the health became disordered once.
For diseases of our age; coronary artery disease, cancer, hypertension and for many other diseases early and accurate diagnosis have great importance for both survey and quality of life. Additionally for hypertension and diabetes which are diseases that are ongoing without any manifestations or any complaints but giving damage to the vital organs such as brain, heart and kidneys also early diagnosis and regular treatment are of great importance.
Your health is precious! Do not leave it to chance at the flow of life…

For whom and in what frequency must the check-up be performed?
Check-up, general health evaluation in other words, is recommended for everyone without any complaints or disease at least once a year.
Recommended repeating period of the procedure may vary depending on the familial risk factors (such as cancer, coronary artery etc.)
It is not recommended for the research purposes for the pregnant or for those who have present health issues.

What are ideal components of a Check-up?
Medical Park Check-up procedures:
Besides packaged programs specific to definite age periods (Child-Menopause-Prostate etc.) and specific to familial genetically transmitted diseases (Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease); are prepared individually specific to you by considering age, gender, risk factors, life-style and disease burden of family and related physical examinations and necessary laboratory / radiology tests are defined.

Early diagnosis and accurate treatment as mentioned only available if many various elements are defined in short but effective way in the light of scientific data, complete, reliable and specific to the admitted individual. In other words performance of a cliched, standard or based on "routine" laboratory analysis Check-up program without considering the individual features of persons cannot be more than insufficient service procurement or unnecessary cost.

How long does the performance of a Check-up takes?
In Medical Park Check-up programs you are accompanied by educated Check-up patient advisors and for your procedures accompanied by them you are only required to allocate only 3 hours of your time between 09.00 and 12.00.

While you are arriving for your check-up appointment;
-Bring your previous test and other analysis results with you.
-Bring comfortable clothing's and shoes for the potential tests that require physical activity.
-Arrive in a fasting status of at least 10-12 hours. (You may drink water.)

Be careful about details that may effect the results of your check-up!
-For women; you must not be in menstruation period,
-You must not use any vitamin mineral supplements or inform if you do,
-You must not use alcohol before the appointment date.

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