Audiology department is the department where the most of the tests used in diagnosis of Ear Nose Throat are performed. Tests are performed by Audiometrist and our specialist doctors evaluate the test results.

Audiometric Tests
It is a test done in sound-proof room in order to determine level of hearing loss, type, clarity of speech and disturbance threshold.

Pure Tone Audiogram
• SISI Test
• Tone Decay Test
• SRT (Speech recognition threshold)
• SD (Speech discrimination)
• MCL (Most comfortable sound level)
• UCL (Uncomfrotable sound level)

Tympanometric Tests
These are tests performed by giving sounds to ear. Movement of eardrum, movement of bones placed at middle ear and function of Eustachian pipe are tested.
• Tympanogram
• Acoustic Reflexes
• Reflex Decay
• Eustachian Pipe Function Tests

Other Tests
• Metz Recruitment Test

Otoacoustic Emission Test
It is used as scanning test for determining audition in newborn babies, it is an objective test used for showing any hearing loss originating from inner ear.

All of the newborn babies at our hospitals are evaluated by otoacoustic emission test in order to show if hearing of them is normal.

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