Reflux Surgery

Reflux leads to damage in esophagus if it is left untreated for prolonged time. Therefore, difficulty swallowing, pain while swallowing, tenderness in throat, hoarse voice, bleedings secondary to chronic cough, scar formation and esophageal stricture may develop. In advanced stages, further changes in esophageal cells lead to “Barrett’s esophagus” – a condition that is accompanied by increased risk of cancer or development of cancer.


Recently, we use advantages of laparoscopic surgery, namely less pain and shorter recovery period, also in treatment of the reflux disease.

Laparoscopic funduplication surgeries is commonly used worldwide, which aims to reconstruct impaired lower esophageal sphincter – the door between stomach and esophagus- and to prevent aspiration of gastric content to esophagus.

This surgery is a laparoscopic procedure that is performed using latest developments in surgery technique. Procedure lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and patient can be started on oral nutrition the day after surgery, discharged in same day or the day after and can resume working within 7 days. All advantages of laparoscopic surgeries are utilized (less pain, shorter hospital stay and absence of postoperative risks).

Thus, quality of life is undoubtedly enhanced, since patient does not need to take pills every day for years, esophageal inflammation regresses and risk of cancer is eliminated that is secondary to chronic inflammation.

Laparoscopic funduplication procedures carried out by experienced surgeons pose minimal side effects and success rate ranges from 95% to 100%.

In this surgery, eligible patient is selected jointly by gastroenterologist and surgeon.


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