PRP Theraphy

PRP method gains an ever increasing popularity worldwide and regenerates weak and thin hair. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a method that played an important role in development of modern medicine. It is alternative therapy method that is reserved for hair loss, rejuvenation and regeneration of skin, wound healing and treatment of acne scar.

PRP therapy involves injecting plasma rich in platelet that plays an important role in tissue healing and blood clotting– coagulation – into skin and subcutaneous tissue.

PRP aims rejuvenating weak and almost dead hair follicles and revitalizing hair that had turned into a thin pile.

PRP is separated from native red blood cells of the patient by centrifuging low volume of blood (30 cc) drawn from the patient. Plasma, which is obtained through a particular procedure, contains coagulation factors, white blood cells and growth factors (PGF).

Plasma is processed and injected to thin or hairless area with mesotherapy and nappage technique. Growth factor stimulates migration and reproduction of stem cells.

Thus, regeneration process starts in tissue / hairs.

It can be used in all male- and female-type hair loss (androgenic alopecia, hormonal, alopecia areata, hair loss secondary to chronic Diabetes Mellitus and thyroid disease and hair loss secondary to protein or iron deficiency and medications).


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