Padiatric Cardiovascular Surgery

Pediatric cardiology and pediatric cardiovascular surgery units of our hospital successfully performs invasive and therapeutic procedures and also cardiac and extra-cardiac procedures based on final diagnosis. Pediatric intensive care unit ensures postoperative monitoring conditions, resulting with low mortality and morbidity rates.

Based on statistical data for Year 2013, 103 patients had cardiac invasive procedures and surgical treatments, which are specified below in detail. Postoperative mortality and morbidity rates are within internationally recognized and accepted ranges.

Following procedures are carried out at pediatric cardiology department

For patients and conditions ranging from neonatal period to adult congenital heart diseases

All diagnostic cardiac catheterizations

Closure of VSD, ASD and PDA with trans-catheter method

Ductal, coarctation stenting and coarctation balloon applications via transcatheter method.

Pulmonary and aortic balloon dilatations with transcatheter method.

Transcatheter implantation of stent with pulmonary valve.

Treatment of rhythm disorders (Ablation of SVT and VT).

Transvenous cardiac pacemaker implantation

Rhythm Holter, Blood pressure Holter and Exercise ECG test can be done at outpatient settings.

Following procedures are carried out at Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Unit

For patients and conditions ranging from neonatal period to adult congenital heart diseases

Primary closure or closure of VSD and ASD with patch, modified BT shunt

Rastelli, Samus Kaye Stensel and Lecompte operations for complex cardiac pathologies

Glenn, Fontan operation; complete correction surgery of Fallot Tetralogy.

Repair of extensive coarctation of aorta and arcus aorta

Replacement and repair surgeries of aortic, mitral and pulmonary valve stenosis

Complete AVSD valve and defect repairs

Unifocalization surgery for patients with pulmonary atresia

Intensive care unit is well equipped and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) is available for critical cases.


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