Gynecologic Oncology

Cancer is a disease that is characterized with disorder of an organ or a system secondary to uncontrolled cell proliferation. From this point of view, there are variations both in diagnosis and treatment and follow-up.

Therefore, oncology patients are treated with multi-disciplinary approach. Patients are diagnosed early based on improvement of imaging methods, and thus, recovery is achieved with oncology and radiation oncology protocols and combined targeted therapies following surgical treatment. Today, success rate is high in treatment of cancer – a medical condition that is attached priority, among other, in scientific researches.

Approximately 15 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year worldwide. It is a fact that this number reaches up to 200 thousand in Turkey. It is estimated that 20 million people will be newly diagnosed with cancer in next decade based on increased incidence of cancer. Although cancer is nowadays one of the treatable diseases, it is a health problem that requires multi-disciplinary approach or in other words, a common point of view reached by participation of multiple medical departments. A multi-dimensional service network is required for bodily, mental and social “complete well-being” – as defined for “health”.

Medicalpark Oncology Clinics render healthcare services based on oncology council that determines best personalized therapy for each patient with joint participation of all medical departments for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, infrastructure combining scientific approach with advanced technology and personalized novel therapies that are developed as a result of this joint effort.


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