Cataract Surgery with FEMTOSECOND PHACO (LENSX). A cataract is a cloudy area which develops when the intraocular lens loses its transparency and becomes opaque. Surgery is the only therapeutic option for cataract that develops mostly secondary to old age.

PHACO is another technique that is used in treatment of cataract. A 2.2-mm incision is made to access intra-ocular region with this technique. A special fluid, called “viscoelastic gel”, is used incataract surgery. “Viscoelastic gel” ensures that native lens is separated from other layers of the eye without causing any damage. It is special for every patient and for single-use only.

Ultrasonic sound waves are used to break opaque native lens and resultant fragments are emulsified and suctioned. An artificial foldable lens is placed into the eye. Stitch is not necessary since the incision is small. Both eyes cannot be operated on in same day due to infection risk. It is recommended that minimum 2 days elapse for operating the other eye.


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