Endoscopy and Gastroscopy

Endoscopy is procedure of evaluating the interior sides of stomach and similar internal organs directly via advanced optical devices.

Gastroscopy is the procedure of evaluating upper gastrointestinal system i.e.; oesophagus, stomach and duodenum.

This procedure is done with endoscopy device. This device is a soft, plastic, as thick as your little finger, cable shaped device and has a camera system that transmits the image of the way it pass through to the television screen.

When Gastroscopy is Necessary?

In case of;
- Problems related to swallowing (pain while swallowing, difficulty in swallowing of solid or liquid nutrients, sticky advancing foods),
- Heartburns and pyrosis that does not respond to medications
- Abdominal pain (continuous and gnawing pain at upper central region of abdomen that emerges when hungry or several hours after meal)
- Reddish or coffee like bleeding with vomiting
- Vomiting accompanying stomach ache,
- Abnormality seen at barium stomach graph

How is the Preparation of Gastroscopic Evaluation?

6-8 hours of hunger is sufficient for this procedure, water and weak tea may be drunk. In case of previous rheumatic heart valve disease 2 hours before and 8 hours after the procedure 2 doses of antibiotic injection should be done. In case of presence of congenital diseases related to bleeding or any other disease you must inform your doctor before procedure.

How is the Performance of Gastroscopy?

A spray that prevents nausea and vomiting is administered to your throat before starting the procedure. This spray has similar effects as the injection used by dentists and effect lasts for 15 minutes. For stressed patients may be administered sedative medications if there is no inconvenient health issue and procedure initiated after the relaxation of patient. This is not a surgical intervention. Therefore there is no need for anaesthesia and complete sleep.


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