Arthroplasty (Hip Replacement)

Hip arthroplasty is a surgical method with pretty good outcomes, which is performed to eliminate pain secondary to hip arthritis. Arthroplasty is regarded as last option, after all non-surgical methods are tried out for arthritis. It is seen that the success rate is above 90% in patient groups who are followed-up for minimum 10 years.

In hip arthroplasty; the main procedure is to remove arthritic cartilage and bony segments and to replace them with new joint surfaces that are formed of metallic parts and durable polyethylene. Patients are hospitalized for approximately one week and discharged after patient is mobilized and given training on daily routines. It is recommended that the patient walks with crutches or walker for 4 to 6 weeks postoperatively, and patient is allowed to walk independently thereafter.

Many surgical methods are developed for hip arthroplasty to enhance comfort of the patient and many different metallic, ceramic or polyethylene materials are used to extend durability and lifetime of the system. Decision about best surgical method or best material should be based on patient factors and surgeon’s education.


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