Anti-aging Treatments

Lexical meaning of anti-aging is to stop the aging process. Anti-aging procedures aim healthy life and preventing or delaying development of chronic diseases. Thus, lifetime is prolonged, while people are enabled to spend a quality life. Continuously prolonging lifetime in developed countries within last century is underlined by advantages of modern medicine and improvement of life conditions.

Ratio of elder population to general population is ever increasing. Figures pertaining to hospital admission and medical expenditure for geriatric chronic diseases brought anti-aging to forefront in developed countries. It is noticed that medical expenditures made for preventing diseases are far less than expenditures made to treat medical conditions and thus, a significant saving is achieved in state economy.

Geriatric chronic inflammatory diseases are as follows: Diabetes mellitus, Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and osteoporosis; those conditions can be prevented by decreasing development of inflammation and formation of free radicals and enhancing cellular energy synthesis based on anti-aging approaches and by diagnosis conditions early and starting treatment thereof immediately based on screening programs.

What kind of a treatment is anti-aging?

Anti-aging can be regarded as a type of preventive medicine. All measures taken to prevent negative consequences of aging are included in anti-aging therapies. Anti-aging principally deals with following conditions:

* Hormone diagnostics and therapy

* Nutritional arrangements

*Risk diagnosis and counseling (Genetics)

* Fit body

* Stress management

* Medical cosmetics

What are main functions of anti-aging therapy?

Since anti-aging therapy is a modality that is applied to avoid negative consequences of aging, it is inevitable that it is a personalized treatment. Anti-aging principally aims stop aging and delays aging process based on personalized methods. Basic approaches in anti-aging therapy are as follows:

* Supplementing anti-oxidant, mineral and other vitamin deficiencies

* Hormone replacement (growth hormone, estrogen, etc.)

* Personalized ANTI-AGING diet

* Exercise program

* Skin care and cosmetic surgery

What are causes of aging?

Three main reasons of aging are as follows:

* Free Radicals

* Decreased hormone levels

* Unhealthy Living


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