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Nuclear Medicine

Nothing Escapes Our Radiologists' Attention!​

What Is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine is basically called the imaging technology which is safe and painless.

In Medical Park Nuclear Medicine Center, expert physicians and qualified technologists use very small amounts of radioactive isotopes (or tracers) to help diagnose and treat a range of diseases such heart disease or cancer.

Unlike the x-ray method which displays a body structure, nuclear medicine helps physicians to get information on body functions part by part.

All nuclear medicine examinations include IV injection, inhalation and/or swallowing of specially formulated tracers with imaging at timed intermissions. Tracers are attracted to particular organs, bones or tissues in the body, which then are observable by special types of cameras. It can be  easily mentioned that human body is not that prone to reactions arising from these tracers. The total amount of radiation a patient gets from a nuclear medicine examination is comparable to that got during a diagnostic x-ray.

Some of the nuclear medicine examinations need special positioning and the time period needed during the examinations is generally one to two hours. However some takes longer. 

Nuclear medicine examination is generally used in children to assess bone pain, injuries, infection or kidney and bladder function.  Here are listed below some of the nuclear medicine applications commonly used for:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid conditions
  • Cardiac stress tests to analyze blood flow to the heart muscle
  • Bone scans for detection of cancer, infection or subtle bone injuries
  • Lung scans for blood flow to the lungs and air exchange
  • Liver and gall bladder scans

Below listed areas are the ones which nuclear medicine examinations are made and offered in Medical Park;

  • Bone Studies
  • Cardiac Studies
  • Pulmonary Studies
  • Thyroid Studies
  • Parathyroid Studies
  • Lymph Node Studies
  • Gastric/Abdominal Studies
  • Hepatobiliary/Liver Studies
  • Renal/Kidney Studies
  • Tumor Studies
  • Brain Studies
  • Central Nervous System
  • Abscess/Infection Studies
  • Non-Thyroid Therapies


Examination Results

Medical Park Radiology Team consists of specially trained experts in obtaining and interpreting medical images collected by using x-rays or radioactive substances (nuclear medicine) or by other means such as sound waves or the body's natural magnetism. These experts will interpret your tests and provide complete information for your doctors. ​