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Hair Loss can also be described as the regeneration of hair itself. Normal hair loss is daily around 80-100 strands. The loss exceeding this amount is not normal and needs to be treated. Despite the medical treatments, in cases where EMDCO loss continues the sole and definite solution is the hair transplantation which is a surgical method.

The lotions and shampoos having contents of minoxidil is the sole medicine the impact of which was proved. Methods apart from that are not proved by the data of the positive sciences. Thus there are no suggestions of treatment methods for the hair losses exceptionally caused by factors conc​​​​erning the metabolism. Resim2.png

With many studies in hair transplantation, application standar​​ds have been developed and thus the treatment of permanent hair loss has become possible. Hair transplantation methods such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and direct hair implantation (DHI), which are widely applied today, can give very successful results when applied by experienced clinicians.​​​​​​​​​​​


Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Transplantation 

1. How long does the process take?

Depending on the size of the area to be transplanted, skin and hair character, the technique to be practiced, it is a process taking approximately up to 6 hours.

2. Do I feel any pain or aching?

Hair transplantation operation is an operation carried out under local anesthesia which does not cause any pain and aching.

3. Which technique do you suggest?

The technique to be practiced is not determined by us but rather by your characteristics of your skin and hair and it is very important to operate the correct technique. During the pre-meeting, the technique to be operated and the reasons underlying this preference are discussed in detail and are thus decided.

4. Do the transplanted hairs absolutely appear?

Yes, they do. Preparation of grefts (hair root), the keeping conditions and the operation of the correct technique are the factors determining the result, if they are achieved the result is 100% success.

5. When can I go out?

There is not a circumstance preventing you from going out after the operation. In the first couple of days there are tiny pink spots seen. These gradually fade away and become normal in a week. Later on it does not constitute a situation preventing you from going out.

6. When can I have a bath and what are the things with which I should be careful?

This information will be told during the pre-meeting so that you will have not even a tiny little question mark in your head.

7. When do the transplanted hairs appear?

They emerge as tiny particles 3 months after the operation date; they reach the normal length in approximately 6 months.

8. Would it be apparent that I had hair transplantation?

The transplanted hairs operated in a natural way and the appropriate method do not absolutely seem apparent.

9. How much does it cost?

To inform you of any cost, characteristics of your skin, of your hair and the operational are need to be assessed. For these you can get an appointment for a free pre-meeting and thus get more solid information from our expert.

10. Who are the persons that would perform the process and what are their experiences?

Hair transplantation is carried out under the supervision of plastic surgeons by the hair transplantation experts who obtained experience for years.



Which Methods Attract Attention in Hair Transpl​​antation?​

DHI Hair Transplant 

Another hair transplantation technique​​​ which has recently become popular is DHI hair transplantation. Also known as unshaved hair transplantation, hair transplantation by DHI does not require shaving the hair, as the name suggests. DHI method aims to provide a thicker and more natural transplantation focusing on the areas where the hair is thin without damaging th​e existing hair. DHI method also aims to make the patient return to their daily life as soon as possible and hair gets a natural appearance. Prior to starting the procedure, the recipient and donor areas are first analyzed in computer environment using a high resolution camera. This analysis aims to determine hair type, loss density, the density in the recipient area and the amount of follicles that can be collected. As a result of this analysis, hair is cut a little and the recipient area is designed. Then, local anesthesia is administered to the donor area to numb the neck area in order for the patient not to feel pain. Next, hair follicles are harvested using micro blades and left in a solution which boosts the health of them while keeping them undamaged. Once the hair follicles are harvested from the donor area, the recipient is anesthetized locally. Following the anesthesia, grafts put on micro blades are transplanted from the front part towards the thin parts of the recipient area in accordance with the natural growing direction of and natural structure of hair. The aim of DHI method is to keep the existing hair while transplanting new hair and the procedure is completed with no damage to the existing hair. As there is no channel opening in this method, the scabbing period is quite short and, in parallel to this, the recovery is quicker.

Fue Hair Transplant​

Hair transplantation in Turkey is flourishing with advanced medical infrastructure and a constant push from the government for better medical education. An FUE hair transplant process is where hair transplant is done with the extraction of individual hair follicles from the skin to move them to an area that needs better density. The FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, one of Turkey's most popul​​ar sought-after techniques of hair transplantation. Fue hair transplant technique uses micro punches to extract single follicles and move them to the area that needs the graft to be transplanted. Because it is a micro punch, no signs of extraction are left when the skin completely heals after getting a hair transplantation in Turkey.

Hair Growth After Transplantation

The transplanted hair follicles grow a little and then fall off in their lifecycle first; over six months after the hair transplantation in Istanbul, hair begins to grow thick and dense in the area with higher concentrations and density. The comparison before and after male hair transplant after 7 days will be prominent post the initial healing phase. Busy workers can return to their offices within two days after the procedure to continue their life as usual; in the case of Hair transplantation in Turkey, they continue to tour and enjoy the rest of their vacation with family. After two to three months, the transplanted hair ultimately falls away from the site, and new and thicker hair begins to take its place. This hair is typically hair fall resistant and grows as normal hair does.



  • Our package covers;
  • Hair transplantation procedure
  • Hotel accomodation for 2 nights in 5 star hotel
  • Transportation services between airport-hotel-hospital
  • Prp-treatment
  • Medications
  • Wound care/dressing
  • Post-operative shower at our clinics
  • Translation service

Warnings Before Hair Transplantation

We have some advices for you about the operation and please pay attention to the points below;

  • Please wash your hair the night before and the morning of surgery.
  • Please do not cut your hair. We will take care of it.
  • Eat a meal prior to your a​​rrival.
  • Please arrive at your scheduled appointment on time. Plan to spend the day with us, we will provide all the things you may need.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and a shirt that buttons down the front. Please do not wear a

T-shirt or any clothing that must be pulled tightly over the head.​​

Please DO NOT do the following:

  • Do not take ASPIRIN or anti-inflammatory medication (e.g.​, Ibuprofen, Naprosyn)
  • Do not use ROGAINE (minoxidil) for 1 day prior to your procedure.
  • Do not drink ALCOHOL for 1 day prior to surgery.
  • Do not EXERCISE vigorously for 1 day prior to surgery.
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Have an Idea About The Process and How It Is Handled;​​

Here below is an example of a general plan for the hair transplantation treatment. 

We would like to underline that we need minimum 2 full days for the hair transplantation procedure.

Once you arrive in Turkey, our colleagues will pick you up from the airport and guide you till you reach your hotel. The transfer is free of charge. Our colleague will also inform you about the exact date and the time of the procedure and when you will be picked up from the hotel.​

1st day Schedule; Transfer from the hotel to hospital- procedure- hotel transfer: You will be picked up from the hotel and transferred to our hospital in order to meet with the hair transplantation doctor. Physical examinations and necessary blood tests will be done. It is recommended to have breakfast before the hair transplantation procedure (you can have the breakfast in your hotel or at the hospital for free).  After the evaluation of the blood tests and the physical examinations, hair transplantation procedure starts with local anaesthesia and the rest of it accordingly. At the end of the procedure your transfer to hotel is arranged by our colleagues and you will be informed about the next day plan.

2nd day; Dressing and the control examination: You will be given the necessary medications and information regarding the indications of post transplantation period.

3rd day Hair wash and transfer to the airport.

P.S: This schedule might change according to your arrival and return flight details.​


Why Medical Park Hospital

Istanbul has several hospitals offering hair transplantation but none with the expertise and brand value of Medical Park Hospitals. By concentrating on serving their patients at every level, from consultations to charting travel plans for hair transplantation in Istanbul, their experience in handling end-to-end processes and monitoring procedures have helped them deliver satisfying results to enhance your look. With the expertise to recommend what exactly suits your face shape, hair quality, and scalp health, the doctors at Medical Park Hospitals are committed to matching your expectations. With hair transplantation in Turkey growing into the industry it is, the images to compare the looks before and after hair transplantation clearly indicate what you can look forward to. 'Hair transplantation prices 2022 Turkey' are getting budget-friendly and lighter on your pocket as the industry matures and provides more advanced innovations in developing and pushing the science further. Medical Park Hospital is one of the pri​me destinations for getting hair transplantation in Istanbul; they bring more than 25 years of experience with international certifications like the JSI, followed by their network across Turkey. There are 27 hospitals with an excess of 2500 doctors, 5300 beds, and 210 sterile operation theaters that ensure patients are safe and sound throughout their stay in Turkey. Don't hesitate and wait until it's too late; begin your journey towards a happier and more confident you with Medical Park hospitals. Schedule a consultation and get expert care at every step with packages that have your travel plan at the center. Get in touch with Medical Park Hospitals today.​​