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Spinal Surgery Center at Bahçeşehir University Hospital


BAU Medical Park Göztepe became Spinal Surgery Training Center of AOSPINE  26.2.2019​​



Spinal Surgery Center at Bahçeşehir University Hospital Medical Park Göztepe was elected to be training center for AOSpine. The most important service the center will provide is to educate and train spinal surgeons. Orthopedists or neurosurgeons from all over the world who has set their hearts on spinal surgery will meet at this center. We discussed details about AOSpine Spinal Surgery Training Center with Professor of Neurosurgery Deniz Konya, M.D., from Bahçeşehir University Hospital Medical Park Göztepe.

What is significance of AOSpine? What are its unique characteristics relative to other centers?

Spinal surgery is, in fact, about a group of specialists who are educated and trained in discipline of Orthopedics and Traumatology or Neurosurgery. Both orthopedists and neurosurgeons can become spinal surgeons once residency education is completed. These surgeons should deal only with the spine. One of the global pioneering societies in this field is North American Spine Society and the other is AOSpine. AOSpine is a fairly widespread and acknowledged society worldwide. AOSpine selects certain medical centers that have certain qualifications in the field of spinal surgery to educate and train spinal surgeons as spinal surgery training centers in various countries. An impartial and thorough investigation is carried out; case rates and types of cases for the last decade are analyzed. Next, a decision is made on whether the center will be assigned as a training center or not. ​AOSpine, located at European countries such as England, Germany and Spain, assigned only Bahçeşehir University Hospital Medical Park Göztepe as training center in Turkey. Here is how training process is carried out. First, spinal surgeons from various countries (they may be orthopedist or neurosurgeon) submit their CVs to AOSpine center. Following the review at AOSpine center, the CVs are transmitted to our center. If they are accepted by our party (varying between 1 to 6 months but usually takes 1 to 3 months), they are educated and trained on spinal surgery at our clinic for pre-determined period of time.

What are the primary services the center will provide?

The most important service the center will provide is to educate and train spinal surgeons. Not all orthopedists or neurosurgeons are spinal surgeons. First, they need a special education and training. In the U.S., residents of orthopedics and traumatology apply for spinal surgery fellowship programs under supervision of a neurosurgeon, while residents of neurosurgery apply for spinal surgery fellowship programs under supervision of an orthopedist and traumatologist for at least 6 months. Unfortunately, there is no such official office or center in our country. The societies that place great emphasis on education, such as AOSpine, aim to contribute to education and training of spinal surgeons by establishing training centers in countries, such as our country. This is the most important advantages of the center. Orthopedists or neurosurgeons from various countries of the world, who have set their hearts on spinal surgery, arrive at our center, observe the surgeries performed at our center and complete their training on spinal surgery. In return, they will be awarded a certificate that indicates the duration of their stay. This will mean they are competent to perform certain spinal surgeries. Spinal surgeons, neurosurgeons and orthopedists from various countries will be able to carry our observations at our hospital for 2 months.

What are your primary objectives at the center?

Here, our aim is to promote both our country and ourselves. We aim to demonstrate the activities carried out in Turkey to other countries and attract more surgeons to our country for education. While we improve quality of our education, we will also be able to provide our patients with better healthcare services.

How many physicians are planned to be trained annually?

We will train 16 physicians annually over bi-monthly periods. Initially, we won't train more than two physicians per month. Our first fellow arrived from Iraq for the program. The fellow worked with us throughout December. Our 2nd and 3rd fellows will arrive from Nigeria. The fellow who currently works with us is Mustafa El Dejiyli. Mustafa is our orthopedist colleague from Iraq. He was trained at our medical center. Next, a fellow will arrive from Georgia.