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Healthcare services are delicately rendered by professional physicians and nurses to maximize health and comfort of patients based on a patient-oriented approach in Medical Park Fatih Hospital that is an important reference center at the location of historical peninsula.

Being started up in Fatih district of Istanbul in 1995 and offers ease of access from all regions of the city, Medical Park Fatih Hospital is an important reference healthcare facility in the “historical peninsula", as evidenced by 17.000 operations and interventions in a year, including approximately 6000 angiographies, 1000 open heart surgeries, 1500 vascular interventions and 3000 ophthalmic operations. Medical Park Fatih Hospital, founded on an area of 6500 m2, is rendering healthcare services round the clock with approximately 500 experienced healthcare staff and a capacity of 84 beds.

Medical Park Fatih Hospital admits not only patients with State Social Security coverage, but also renders services to meet needs of patients with all private health insurance coverage and employees of Contract Organizations.

Being located in historical peninsula, Medical Park Fatih Hospital has been a pioneering healthcare facility by providing 6 thousand international guests from 135 countries with healthcare services within last one year.

Specialized Branches

Medical Park Fatih Hospital adopts approach of patient-oriented superior service in health. Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Cardiology and Cardiosurgery Departments are attracting attentions in the hospital, wherein healthcare services are rendered in line with international quality standards.

We prioritize patient satisfaction

Analyzing and creating solutions for healthcare needs and demands, Medical Park Fatih Hospital renders personalized health services and prioritizes satisfaction of patients and relatives. Many special services, including but not limited to T.V. (all domestic and international canals are available), Internet, patient-specific diet and journals and newspapers, are offered to patients to maximize satisfaction. Park lot and prayer room are some examples of services that are easily available for patients and family members. Medical Park Fatih Hospital also has a Café, where guests enjoy friendly service and delicious menu.

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