​​​The department deals with early and final diagnosis of diseases through detailed physical examination, necessary up-to-date modern investigations, laboratory tests (blood, urine, feces, etc.), radiology studies (X-Ray, ultrasound, mammography, computerized tomography, MRI, bone density, etc.), endoscopic tests (upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.), whenever required, ECG and echocardiography.

Medical Park Internal Medicine Clinic provides all patients aged >15 with healthcare services round the clock at international standards through examinations, tests, treatments and supervision.

The diseases managed at Internal Medicine Department are;

Upper and lower respiratory tract diseases

Infectious Diseases



Thyroid diseases

Elevated blood lipid such as cholesterol and triglyceride

Digestive system diseases such as liver, stomach and gall bladder

Lung diseases

Renal diseases

Anemia and other blood diseases

Rheumatic diseases

Musculoskeletal system diseases​

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