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Located in Gaziantep province acknowledged as the heart of Southeastern Anatolia, Medical Park Gaziantep Hospital is a class A healthcare facility built on 30.000 m² to serve in 34 specialty branches including inter alia Internal Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostics, and Rehabilitation departments.

Besides being a class A hospital at international standards that provides medical services to not only patients from Gaziantep and its neighboring provinces/districts, but also from neighboring countries of Turkey ever since its opening in 2008, the hospital plays an important role in the region in terms of health tourism by virtue of its technologic infrastructure, high-tech equipment, and the specialized surgeries performed at the hospital.

Medical Park Gaziantep Hospital includes 9 operating theaters that are equipped with advanced medical equipment, including 2 for cardiovascular surgery and 7 for all surgical interventions. In these operating theaters, all sorts of surgical interventions are performed successfully, along with micro-surgical operations. Advanced technologic equipment like Laminar Flow and HEPA filtered sterile ventilation systems are used in the operating theaters. All oncologic surgeries are also performed successfully at Medical Park Gaziantep Hospital.

The hospital comprises also a delivery room, which is 24/7 in service for emergency deliveries, and an Angiography Unit used for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, rhythm disorders, congenital heart diseases, and rheumatic cardiac valve diseases, wherein coroner angiography, cardiac catheterization, electrophysiological studies (EPS) and ablation procedures are performed. Coronary, Peripheral and Carotid Angiographies are performed in the Angiography Unit, which allows all cardiologic interventions. Besides, “Radial Angiography" is also successfully performed, which provides great convenience for patients.

The Oncology Center, which has recently been put into service at Medical Park Gaziantep Hospital at international standards, is operated by a team of experienced physicians who collaborate in oncologic surgery, medical surgery, radiation oncology, and oncologic rehabilitation. Playing an active role in diagnosis and treatment of all cancers, notably lung, prostate, colon, stomach, pancreas, breast, cervix, and ovary cancers, Radiation Oncology Clinic admits patients from Gaziantep and its neighboring provinces, but also from Middle Eastern countries.

Furthermore, a Rheumatology Department which is not found to date in any other private hospital in the region has been put into service. Rheumatology Department is now ready to manage certain diseases, such as Gout, Behçet's Disease, Osteoporosis, Vasculitis, Lupus Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF).

At Medical Park Gaziantep Hospital, over 600 personnel are currently employed, including specialist physicians, nurses, midwifes, emergency medicine technicians, laboratory technicians, auxiliary service personnel, administrative officers, and security personnel.

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